KRIS winemakers have combined modern technology and traditional winemaking artistry to handcraft an exquisite, contemporary Italian expression of Pinot Noir from selected hillside vineyards.
In Sicily the vineyard slopes are among the most highly regarded of the region. The microclimate offers the perfect environment for vibrant flavor intensity and important structure.
With a deep ruby-red color Kris Pinot Noir reminds aromas of ripe red and black berries. Cinnamon, cloves and vanilla fragrance enrich the bouquet.
On the palate the wine is fresh and intense and it is characterized by soft and persistent tannins and by an enduring final note. A licorice flavor gives elegance and structure. It pairs exceptionally well with casual food such as pasta, risotto, pizza or smoked sausages.
The timeless and inspiring KRIS label emphasizes the role of the sun in ripening the grapes to perfection, the human hand in crafting the wine and the lips savoring the wine. Each label was designed by the contemporary Italian artist Riccardo Schweizer (1925-2004).

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